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Basic Mixing

Perfect for independent artists with any budget.


You can add on your order:

Standard Mixing

Perfect for professional artists and record labels.


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Premium Mixing

Perfect for distribution and record labels (Mastering included)


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Frequently asked questions

If you choose to work with me, please send me your tracks to mix, along with any notes and details about the songs, what they mean to you, the emotion, the mood of the project, etc, and maybe some examples of other artists and songs that represent what you’re about.

I need your audio files at 24 bit or higher for best quality. The session sample rates must be 44.1 KHz or 96 KHz. This increased dynamic range helps against the structure issues you can experience while recording. In addition, you can achieve lower noise floors and high resolution.

Vocals should be exported as mono files, not stereo files (for the best results).

Whenever you’re ready click the button below “ORDER NOW” from the favorite package, to email me and I will send an invoice request via PayPal.

Yes, you can use and upload the song on all streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp etc. The audio file it will be carefuly adjusted for this type of services.

Yes, if you order 2x song for mixing, you’ll get mastering for free.

My promise to my clients is that I truly care. I care about the hard work they put into their craft, and my job isn’t to get in the way. I’m here to help bring your vision to life & I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen!

Customers feedback

Got a single mixed by him and couldn't be happier. The mix and master came out sounding great and radio ready.
Professional mixing, he did a great job with my mix! He's super professional and got everything done in timely manner!
5 stars for my boy! Dootbeats is helping me with some production and mixing stuff. I'm very satisfied with the results.
He goes crazy with the mix, really helps create the vibe & he's cool! Professional, prompt, attention to detail, and communication!

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